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MVPQ has a competitive advantage due to its ability to capture fundamental value by holding long-term core positions in liquid coins, while efficiently managing short- and medium-term market exposure (using short-selling and futures).

MVPQ can manage the necessary volatility that occurs when holding fundamental positions in crypto. This behavioural alpha sets us apart from other participants who are not fully wealth-maximizing, making it a unique and valuable strategy in the highly volatile crypto market.



PUBLIC BLOCKCHAINS AND DECENTRALISED NETWORKS are increasingly powering a large part of the economy, notably Finance and Web 3.0.

Cryptocurrencies are the DIGITAL COMMODITIES fueling and aligning incentives on these networks.

We’re witnessing digital currencies developing into a FULL-FLEDGED ASSET-CLASS (macro cycles, sectorial granularity, newcomers, leavers etc.) Until widespread institutional adoption, the asset class will remain volatile, thus providing a fertile environment for long/short trading strategies.



MVPQ Limited is an open-ended long/short vehicle seeking capital appreciation though active management of liquid cryptocurrencies. It aims at capturing the upside of the digital asset class - with reduced volatility and protection to the downside.


Felix Dian is the founder and CIO of MVPQ Capital. He was Vice-President until 2017 in the fixed-income division at Morgan Stanley in London, in charge of Cross-Currency and Scandinavian swaps franchises, alongside proprietary macro trading in interest rates, bonds and FX derivatives products.





London Office

Kensington High Street

London, UK

+44 20 3916 5051


MVPQ Capital is an Appointed Representative of Helford Capital Partners LLP,  authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 

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